MEET OUR TEAMDiscover the creative minds who are behind this company

Marc Guitart Owner & Creative Director

Forward-thinking, organized and determined. “Working methodology should be based on passion, emotion, desire, enthusiasm and sensitivity.”

Lourdes Alfonso Senior Graphic & Interior Designer

Authentic, honest and friendly. “It is inevitable not to approach the world through designer eyes.”

Anna Torrandell Studio Manager

Empathic, curious and reliable. “Design shows a new way of seeing things.”

Ana Lobo Senior Graphic & Interior Designer

Passionate, commited and joyful. “To love what you do and to do what you love is the basis of success.”

Elia Tsvetanova Junior Graphic & Interior Designer

Enthusiastic, open-minded and sensitive. “Embrace design thinking to express creativity.”


Romà Pueyo

Interior & Industrial Designer

ABOUT OUR STUDIOStrategic Brand Management, devoted to the creation of communication strategies and product design. Attending especially the brand management of corporations, institutions and trades. Passion for brands.