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Marc Guitart Owner & Creative Director

Forward-thinking, organized and determined. “Working methodology should be based on passion, emotion, desire, enthusiasm and sensitivity.”


Lourdes Alfonso Senior Graphic Designer

Authentic, honest and friendly. “It is inevitable not to approach the world through designer eyes.”


Anna Torrandell Studio Manager

Empathic, curious and reliable. “Design shows a new way of seeing things.”


Ana Lobo Senior Graphic & Interior Designer

Passionate, commited and joyful. “To love what you do and to do what you love is the basis of success.”


Berta Teixidó Junior Interior Designer

Energetic, observer and versatile. “Design is a lifestyle that gives you the oportunity to grow day by day”.


Anna Albó Junior Graphic designer

Sensitive, empathic and resolutive. “It is exciting to work in a field that creates and promotes culture”.

ABOUT OUR STUDIOStrategic Brand Management, devoted to the creation of communication strategies and product design. Attending especially the brand management of corporations, institutions and trades. Passion for brands.

Marc Guitart Studio | passion for brands
Marc Guitart Studio | passion for brands